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As tuition has steadily increased at many colleges and universities around the country, California Baptist University has chosen to hold the line as much as possible. As a result, our costs remain lower than a significant number of private schools. At CBU, we believe a college education should be affordable, and by keeping tuition costs as low as possible while enabling graduate students to secure generous financial aid, we’ve remained within reach of many public institutions of higher education. Today, more and more students are able to enjoy the quality education provided at California Baptist University. That’s a legacy we’re proud of.

2013-2014 Graduate Tuition Rates (per unit)

Athletic Training* $556 (53-56-units)

Business Administration  $690 (36-units)

Counseling Ministry $500 (36-units)

Counseling Psychology $620 (62-units)

Education/Credential $530 (33-61)

  • Admin Services (39-units)
  • Teaching (36-46-units)
  • PPS School Psychology (61-units)
  • PPS School Counseling (48-units)
  • Education Master’s (33-39-units)

English $530 (36-units)

Forensic Psychology $610 (57-units)

Kinesiology $505 (30-units)

Leadership and Adult Learning $530 (30-units)

Leadership and Organizational Studies $530 (30-units)

Music $530 (36-units)

Nursing $695 (107-123-units)

Nursing (MSN) $695 (45-61-units)

Science Education $530 (30-units)

General Fee (per semester)

General Fee (w/5 or more units) $355

General Fee (w/4 or fewer units) $175

Program Fees (per semester)

Athletic Training* $500

Optional Health Insurance (per semester) $900

Admission Fees (one-time fee)

Application Fee $45

Tuition Deposit (new athletic training students only) $250


This is not a comprehensive list. Click here for more information related to Tuition and Fees for 2012-2013.

Approved Payment Options

1. Payment in full

2. Automatic Monthly Payment Plan

3. Financial aid (scholarships and loans)

The university reserves the right, with or without notice, to change tuition and fees when necessary.

For more information related to Student Accounts and Payment Deadlines check out the Student Accounts Home Page and the Tuition and Fee Agreement links in the Resources Box above.