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Simmons Hall

Simmons Hall

Simmons Hall is home to nearly 300 freshman women and a community that truly makes residents feel at home. The relationships built with your hallmates and resident assistant will be the foundation for the rest of your college experience because you’re creating more than friendships – you’re building a family. Your first year will be spent creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s cooking instant macaroni at 3 a.m. or relaxing in the lounge after a long jog, you'll be soaking it all in with friends.

Simmons Hall is a three-story building with each floor divided into four smaller communities called wings. Each wing consists of approximately 14 double-occupancy rooms and a common bathroom.

Each floor has a spacious common area or lounge where residents can study, relax and hang out together. There is also a laundry room and kitchen area located on each floor.

Each room comes furnished with a twin bed, desk, desk chair and dresser for each student. There is also a sink and vanity area in each room. Other amenities include:

  • Cable television in each room
  • High speed internet connection available in each room
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Individual closets
  • Vending machines located on the first floor
  • Card swipe access control on all entrances



Simmons Hall Floorplans


Floorplan 1A            Floorplan 2A

Floorplan 1B            Floorplan 2B

Floorplan 1C            Floorplan 2C

Floorplan 1D            Floorplan 2D

Floorplan 1st Floor   Floorplan 2nd Floor

               Floorplan 3B