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Resident Safety

Resident Safety

California Baptist University maintains the Department of Public Safety for the purpose of enhancing the safety and security of the university community. The department assists with the protection of students, employees and property. It also assumes an educational role in teaching members of the community to look out for one another.

CBU certifies that it has established a campus security policy, is carrying out that policy and meets the disclosure requirements of Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 regarding campus security policies and crime statistics.

Information in the Emergency Response and Safety Handbook and Annual Security Report is provided by law annually to all current students, faculty and staff, employees and upon request to applicants for employment or enrollment (or parents), or upon demand to the Secretary of the Department of Education. The Annual Security Report is distributed by Public Safety throughout the year to new students at registration and to new employees with their new-hire packet.

Public Safety provides 24-hour assistance to the campus community. All campus areas are regularly patrolled, and Public Safety officers may be contacted by dialing 4311 from an on-campus phone or (951) 343-4311 from an off-campus phone. It can also be contacted by courtesy phones located on campus. A daily incident log is also available in the Public Safety office for review.

Students who operate a vehicle on campus must register with Public Safety. Current parking permits are issued for the school year at the time of registration. Drivers are expected to comply with university traffic and safety regulations. Defiance may result in the suspension of parking and/or driving privileges. Copies of the CBU Vehicle Code are available in the Public Safety office.

For more information, please contact:
Jim Walters, Director of Public Safety
Lancer Arms 43
Phone:  (951) 343-4323
E-mail: jmwalters@calbaptist.edu