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School of Nursing

Admission Requirements

May 2016 Applicants must complete and submit the following:

Step 1. Begin your application via NursingCAS

Step 2. Determine if you would like to take prerequisites here at CBU, or elsewhere. If you are applying to take prerequisites here, please indicate so under the "Questions" tab of the NursingCAS application. For more information regarding the required prerequisites for the EL MSN program, please click here.

Step 3. Register for the Pre-Admission Exam (PAX) and start studying! (Recommended study guide found here) Note: You do not need to take the PAX prior to submitting your application, but you do need to take it prior to the final application deadline.

Step 4. Request for transcripts to be sent from every College or University attended (including CBU) to NursingCAS. You will need to download NursingCAS transcript request form in addition to the request form specific to each College/University. (NursingCAS transcript request form can be found on your application by going into the "Academic History" section and selecting "Colleges Attended") 
The address that these transcripts can be sent to is:

NursingCAS Transcript Processing Center 
P.O. Box 9201 
Watertown, MA 02471

Step 5. Send out electronic recommendations through NursingCAS. For this program, you need 1 Academic Reference, 1 Personal Reference, 1 Employer/Supervisor Reference Note: NursingCAS gives you the option of creating a deadline for your references--we recommend this deadline be 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.

Step 6. Gather and upload required documents to your NursingCAS application.

  • Conduct Clearance Form*: complete a Conduct Clearance form for each college/university attended regardless of the amount of units completed or whether online or in person with the exception of CBU. CBU students do not need to fill out a conduct clearance form, because the SON will obtain this information independently. All other institutions will complete and return the form to the applicant so you may upload this form to the documents section. This form must be uploaded prior to the deadline so it is recommended that you begin this process early.
  • Release & Waiver*: This form must be notarized. A notary public is a person who you take this form to. They work in banks, postal stores and AAA. They will verify your identity with a government issued ID and then stamp your form or attach an additional form to it. You may use any official notary public to notarize this form. This form is used to request information from colleges & universities (not High School) you have attended as well as health information for clinical clearances. You will attach a copy of this form to each of your Conduct Clearance Forms that you send to institutions. This gives other institutions permission to disclose private information. Some intuitions may not require this form to complete the conduct clearance form. You will need to check with institutions on their requirements for completing this form. All applicants must upload a completed notarized form.
  • Prerequisite Self-Evaluation
  • Tuition & Fee Agreement
  • Personal Statement. 1,000 word limit. Tell us your story and incorporate the following questions:
    • How will you support the mission of CBU School of Nursing?

    • What gifts do you bring to the CBU School of Nursing?

    • What significant events and influences have affected your approach to Nursing?

    • What are your long-term professional goals?

Note: NursingCAS requires that all document slots are full in order to complete this section of the application. If you do not have enough documents to fill each slot, please upload a blank document (word or PDF) to each available slot to fulfill NursingCAS' requirement.

*These documents do not need to be submitted in order to take prerequisites at CBU, but they will need to be e-mailed to nursing@calbaptist.edu by the EL MSN application deadline.

Step 7. Pay the $65 application fee and submit your completed NursingCAS application. Once this final step is complete, you should receive an e-mail letting you know that either, your application is complete, or which documents you are missing. If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your spam folder and make NursingCAS an "approved sender."


For technical support with your application, contact NursingCAS:

NursingCAS Customer Service: 
(617) 612–2880 
Hours: Monday–Thursday (9:00 am–7:00 pm Eastern Time) 
Friday (9:00 am–5:00 pm Eastern Time)