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Clinical Health Science

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Health Science

CBU's Clinical Health Science program is designed for students in the field of health science who have already earned an Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who have earned an AA in the following areas will be eligible for entry into the program: Dental Assistant, Health Science, Medical Assistant, Nursing, Paramedic Science, Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Technician. All others must be reviewed and approved by the Dean of the College of Allied Health. This major helps students gain further understanding of health and healthcare in upper division courses.

Course Requirements

Please reference the 2014-2015 Degree Guide for Bachelor of Science in Clinical Health Science.

For course descriptions and course requirements from previous academic years, please reference the University Catalog, and select the catalog for the enrolled academic year.

Program Design and Career Opportunities

The field of Allied Health is one that is rapidly expanding in the United States and in Southern California. The two leading healthcare trends in the United States are the increase in the aging population and the epidemic of obesity. These two trends will influence health care for the next generation and the Clinical Health Science program is strategically positioned to train future healthcare providers for such trends. Your CBU professors have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Clinical Health Science and are able to bridge applied and academic practice to the classroom environment.

Career opportunities in the field of Allied Health are predicted to be excellent in the years to come, as health-related professions are some of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. Individuals trained in Clinical Health Science are in high demand and will work in an environment where they will be able to influence healthcare trends. Furthermore, Clinical Health Science graduates may be able to continue their education in graduate or professional programs in allied health.


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Clinical Health Science program, graduates will:

  • Understand the United States Health Care system.
  • Demonstrate competence in health information literacy.
  • Demonstrate understanding of research methodology and the scientific method.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relationship between disease prevention and health promotion.
  • Display effective professional communication skills.
  • Demonstrate competence in applied statistical analysis.
  • Demonstrate appropriate comprehension of health care information system concepts, challenges and regulatory issues.
  • Develop skills to collaborate and consult as a member of the healthcare team.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate scientific literature, understand and synthesize relevant information from it, and be able to convey this information both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act as a resource person in community health programs and activities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply clinical health science principles to diverse populations and throughout the lifespan.