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Arthur G. Cleveland, Ph.D.

Vice President for University Advancement
Professor of Environmental Science

Office Phone: (951) 343-4492
E-mail: acleveland@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: Yeager Center, D210
Office Hours:

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Biology University of North Texas 1971
M.A. Biology University of North Texas 1968
B.S. Biology University of Texas at Arlington 1962

Additional Education

* Workshop on Conducting Capital Campaigns, Atlanta, Georgia, 2004
* Graduated, Leadership Columbus Program, 1996
* Participant, Georgia Conference on Planned Giving, 1995
* Harvard University School of Public Health Workshop on Commercializing Biotechnology, 1992
* American Council on Education Program, "Academic Departments," for Deans, Division Heads, and Department Chairs, 1991


Courses Taught

* In other institutions: numerous biology courses
* environmental science courses
* museum science
* leadership
* workshops for teacher education
* mentored graduate students


Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

* Environmental Science - Microbial Remediation
* Protection of endangered mammal species; research in mammalian ecology, especially rodents and bats


Teaching Experience

* Columbus State University, Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, July 1995 - June 2004
* University of the Incarnate Word, Armer Professor of Science, August 1989 - July 1994
* Texas Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor to Professor of Biology, September 1965 - August 1989
* Texas Christian University, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science, January 1973 - May 1983


Research, Presentations, & Publications


2014. (Review) The nine-banded armadillo: A natural history. J. Mammalogy: 95(2):432.

2013. Environmental factors influencing the status and management of bats under Georgia (USA) bridges. Proc. of the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET 2013). (with J. Jackson).

2009. (Review) Mammals of Southeastern Asia. J. Mammalogy 90(3):779-780.

2009. (Review) Bats of Florida. J. Mammalogy 90(1): 252.

2006. Environmental factors influencing distribution and numbers of bats under bridges in Georgia. Report to Georgia Dept of Transportation.

2002. Mammals of Callaway Gardens, Georgia. (Funded research project report). July. (with M. Smith).

2000. Waste treatment using nature's processes. Soil, Sediment and Groundwater. Oct/Nov. (with B. York, J. Mayer, J. Andrews)

2000. Bats of Callaway Gardens and vicinity, Georgia. (Funded research project report) with M. Smith.

1999. Rapid reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) in a waste water pond utilizing a new microbial augmentation system. Sixth Inter-American Congress on Environmental Issues. Monterrey, Mexico (Sept) Proceedings. (with B. York)

1998. Distribution and management needs of woodrats (Neotoma) in North Georgia. A report to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. (with B. Birkhead)

1996. Tardigrada from southern Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China. ( with C. Beasley). Zoological Jour. of the Linnean Soc. 116:239-243.

1995. Niviventertrema yunnanensis gen.n., sp. n. (Lecithodendriidae: Pleurogenetinae) from Niviventer cremoriventor
(Muridae) From Yunnan Province of the Peoples Republic of China. (with N. Dronen and Z. Homesley) J. Helminth. Soc. Wash. 62(1):18-21.

1995. Conodiplostomum asymmetricum sp. n. (Neodiplostomidae: Crassiphialinae), from Niviventer cremoriventer (Muridae) from Yunnan Province of the Peoples Republic of China. J. Helminthol. Soc. Wash. 62(2), pp. 131-134.

1992. Final report to the U.S. Air Force. Floral and faunal survey of the Lackland Annex Wildlife Area (with D. McLain).

1992. A preliminary study of small rodent communities in a brushland of south Texas, U.S.A. (with Wu Delin) Zool. Research (China) 13 (2):132-135.

1991. The role of constructed wetlands in the improvement of water quality. Final Report to the U.S. Department of Interior (Office of Surface Mining). (with D. McLain)

1990. The barn owl (Tyto alba) as a major predator of bats in southern Yunnan, China. Bat Research News 31 (4):87 (with Wm Lopez-Foremnt and Wu Delin).

1990. Diel activity patterns of two female small Indian Mongooses (Herpestes javanicus) in relation to weather. (with S. Buskirk and Wu Delin). Zool. Research (China) ll (4):355-358.

1990. Ectoparasites of some mammals from southern China. Bull. Soc. Vector Ecol. 15(l)53-58. (with J. Baccus and J. Whitaker).

1988. Mammals of Dinghushan Reserve, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. (Abst.) Asian-Pacific Mammalogy Symposium, Beijing (with J. Baccus, Liao Weiping).

1988. Bamboo Rats (Rhizomys), species threatened before we know their role. (Abst.) Asian-Pacific Mammalogy Symposium, Beijing (with Wu Deling, B. Chapman, V. Choate).

22 additional titles of publications prior to 1988


1988. Comparative anatomy of the vertebrates: A laboratory manual. 4th Ed. (with G. Kent and D. Martin) July. William C. Brown Publisher. 100pp.


2000. Granted U.S. Patent (#6,087,155) for an "On-site microbial bioremediation system." (with B. York, J. Mayer, J. Andrews)


Church Membership & Activities

Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church


Community Service & Involvement

* International Board of Examiners Member, Genetic Computer Education, Singapore
* Board Member, Lincoln Club of Riverside County


Interests & Hobbies

Collecting and enjoying old maps and books. Travel, especially to spoil grandchildren in Texas, Georgia and Florida. My wife Vicki and I enjoy hiking, home projects, and world travel.


Personal Philosophy

"A college is an institution which, because it recognizes that the enemy is the trivial, makes a deliberate attempt, not only to create the vision of greatness, but to create it habitually..."

- Elton Trueblood in his book "The Idea of a College."

pray without ceasing;

- 1 Thessalonians 5:17, NASB