Dr. Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education


Master of Science in Education: Specialized Professional Development
The M.S. in Education offers candidates the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a diverse range of specialties representing dynamic areas in the field of education. Candidates supplement core courses with specialized coursework in their chosen area of interest.

Specializations include:

This specialization provides candidates the opportunity to supplement and enhance their teaching proficiency. Candidates concurrently working toward their credentials may apply relevant specialization courses toward this master’s degree.

International Education 
One of the only programs of its kind in the region, CBU’s new M.S. in Education with a Specialization in International Education prepares students for the rewards, opportunities and experiences of teaching in a wide range of educational settings overseas. For students who may not already have a teaching credential, the program offers the flexibility to work toward a California Single Subject or Multiple Subject credential while completing the International Education program. Visit the program webpage.

Instructional Computer Applications
This specialization focuses on the role of computers and computer-related technology and media in classroom instruction and curriculum development. Graduates with this specialization will be prepared to develop and implement curricula and programs that enhance the learning experience through the use of computers. Approved credential courses may be applied to this degree as electives.

Educational Technology
Candidates pursuing this specialization gain an advanced understanding of the increasingly important role of educational technology in the classroom as well as the administration of schools. Graduates come away prepared to establish, build, implement and direct educational technology programs at educational institutions.

Special Education
Candidates seeking the Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate or Moderate Severe Disabilities have the option of earning a Master of Science in Education as well as a Specialist credential. Those desiring a master’s degree will complete core courses integrating theory and research. Students may pursue the master’s degree without the Specialist credential or may pursue the Specialist credential without completing the master’s degree.

School Psychology
This specialization prepares graduates for proficiency in multiple disciplines of school psychology, including counseling, educational assessment and intervention, clinical diagnosis, and behavioral assessments and interventions. Coursework integrates valuable fieldwork experience and prepares students for the Praxis exam for School Psychology. Candidates who meet all requirements earn the PPS Credential in School Psychology and the M.S. degree. Learn more about the School Psychology program today.

School Counseling
Specialized coursework in this concentration encompasses theory and techniques for counseling in group or individual settings, crisis response, behavior assessment and intervention, advanced psychopathology, personal, academic and career assessment, and a range of relevant multi-disciplinary knowledge areas. Courses combine fieldwork and practicum experience. Graduates are prepared for the Praxis exam for School Counseling Candidates who meet all requirements earn the PPS Credential in School Counseling and the M.S. degree. Learn more about the School Counseling program today.

Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Institutions 
Designed to meet the requirements for the Professional Administrator’s Credential from the Association of Christian Schools International, this unique program prepares educators for leadership roles in a variety of religious educational environments, at home and abroad. Some specialization courses are completed on-site through CBU’s Faith-Based Summer Institute.  Fall and spring courses are offered on-line. Learn more about the Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Institutions today.

Educational Leadership for Public Institutions 
This specialization meets the requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Service Credential, preparing educators for the myriad of opportunities and challenges they will face as education leaders and administrators in the public school system. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including staff development, school law and finance, governance and policy, community relations and educational research.  Students who already have a master’s degree may pursue the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential without additional degree requirements.

Science Education

Making science relevant and interesting for K-12 students is key to improving student engagement and success in the science classrooms. This program promotes essential models of teaching that improve curriculum development and create more positive learning outcomes in young students.

Leadership and Organizational Studies
Leadership is a fine work, and those who desire it are to be commended. Providing effective leadership in these challenging and, at times, chaotic environments is difficult and often overwhelming. The program will provide emerging leaders the opportunity to develop critical perspectives and skill to assume the formal and informal leadership roles in their profession and community.

Leadership and Adult Learning
Education and leadership are two sides of the same coin when it comes to enhancing the expertise of the existing workforce. CBU’s Leadership and adult learning master’s program is designed to prepare scholar-practitioners to optimize educational and institutional outcomes in range of adult learning environments.