Dr. Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education


Course Requirements

Courses Required for a Master of Science in Education with a Specialization in School Psychology:

This course listing has been provided to assist you in completing your catalog degree requirements. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content of this course listing, it is the student's responsibility to verify the information with the requirements listed in the University Catalog and the degree guide available online.


  • PSY213 - General Psychology
  • PSY346/PSY322 - Abnormal Psychology OR Theories of Personality
  • BEH383 - Introductory Statistics
  • PSY320/EDU302 - Life Span Development OR Growth, Development & Learning

First Semester:

  • PPS501 - Introduction to School Psychology
  • PPS503 - Counseling Theory
  • PPS515 - Practicm: Role of the School Psychologist

Second Semester:

  • PPS512 - Counseling Techniques for Exceptional Children
  • PPS513 - Advanced Psychopathology
  • PPS545 - Practicum: Counseling and Clinical Diagnosis

Third Semester:

  • PPS521 - Developing Culturally Competent Practice
  • PPS555 - Intervention, Consultation, and Collaboration
  • PPS550 - Practicum: Educational Interventions for Diverse Groups

Fourth Semester:

  • SPE553 - Educational Assessment
  • PPS542 - Advanced Research Methods
  • PPS535 - Practicum: Educational Assessment

Fifth Semester:

  • PPS541 - Human Communication in Group Process
  • PPS562 - Legal and Ethical Practice in Diverse Groups for School Psychologists
  • PPS525 - Practicum: Counseling in the School Setting

Sixth Semester:

  • PPS544 - Individual Intelligence Assessment
  • PPS533 - Crisis Response, Behavior Intervention & Management
  • PPS524 - Seminar in Report Writing

Seventh Semester:

  • PPS563 - Assessment of Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
  • PPS564 - Introduction to School Neuropsychology
  • PPS565 - Practicum: Behavioral Assessments & Interventions

Eighth Semester:

  • PPS577 - Fieldwork/Internship I in School Psychology (600 hours) 

Ninth Semester:

  • PPS579 - Fieldwork/Internship II in School Psychology (600 hours)

Please Note:

  • Courses taken at other institutions are subject to transfer eligibility.
  • Degree requirements should be completed within a 5-year period commencing with semester of earliest course listed above. Student may petition the School of Education for an extension.
  • Candidates who complete all program requirements successfully, including 61 units of course requirements (or electives to replace transfer courses) successfully including a 1200-hour Field Experience/Internship, and who pass the required standardized PRAXIS exam in School Psychology may apply for the Master of Science degree with Specialization in School Psychology.