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Center for the Study of Human Behavior

Center for the Study of Human Behavior

The School of Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist University is sponsoring a new research facility; The Center for the Study of Human Behavior will offer substantial tools to students and Faculty! While the Center is sponsored by the School of Behavioral Science it is our goal for this facility to be interdisciplinary, so we are encouraging interested professors, researchers, and students from all academic disciplines to join us!

The research center offers a wide range of opportunity for students. Graduate students will have the opportunity to run and develop their projects and conduct supervised research, while traditional undergraduate students will have the opportunity to apply for research assistant positions (RA). All students will gain experience in data entry and Literature Reviews. Such experience will be beneficial as many graduate programs are now looking for research experience.

The Center holds a special collection library for all students looking to broaden their knowledge concerning methodological research.

Faculty is encouraged to share information regarding their current projects and recruit needed RA's

The Center will also be hosting a plethora of events for the campus as we promote new projects and new opportunities in which students may become involved!