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Top 10 Senior Tips

Top 10 Reasons Seniors

How can you make the experience the best it can be? How do you get along with your roommate? Living with others is always a challenge, whether it’s with the roommate you have now or the spouse you'll live with someday. Learning how to successfully communicate and thrive in a shared environment is a valuable lesson to learn.

We asked seniors to give us helpful tips for getting along and making the most of living with someone new. Here is insight based on their own experiences:

10 Senior Tips

10. Always ask. Do you think your music is too loud for your neighbors? Ask. Do you think your roommate doesn’t like it when you blow dry your hair at 6 a.m. every morning? Ask. Asking can prevent many communication issues.

9. Be considerate. Be aware of and respect your roommate’s feelings. That means being kind and patient. Also, don’t keep hitting the snooze button when your roommate is trying to sleep. Don’t eat your roommate’s food without asking. Try to give your roommate space when it’s important to do so.

8. Be open and flexible. Community living is an opportunity to share a big part of your life with other people. By keeping that in mind, you can fully appreciate the experience. Find out what you have in common and spend time doing fun things together.

7. Communicate. Have a private talk with your roommate within the first week and make sure both of you know specific things like bedtime, study habits, etc. This will eliminate any potential problems that might arise later in the year. Talk about issues when they come up so little things don’t become bigger things.

6. Don't hold grudges. If you have a crazy roommate, you should always try to work through it because it’s not always as big of a deal as it seems at first. Who knows? You might come to appreciate their craziness.

5. Make memories. Take memory cards full of pictures together to remember the fun you had. The school year always flies by.

4. Make time. Hang out with your roommate just the two of you. Stay up late and talk. Many great conversations come from that time together.

3. Make your bed. As silly as it sounds, keeping things organized in your room makes a huge difference. It is a small space, so keeping your stuff out of your roommate's way will always be appreciated.

2. Set boundaries. Many freshman don’t know how to say ‘NO.' Learn how to do that. Don't let yourself feel taken advantage of, whether it is with bed times, borrowing clothes or sharing food.

1. Use your R.A. If communicating doesn’t work between just you and your roommate, approach your R.A. That’s what they are there for – to help you out.