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Aaron Flores


Aaron moved to CBU as a sophomore after one year at a junior college. He had much to say about some obstacles he overcame in order to get here. For him, these obstacles made him into a better person, and he’ll tell you that what CBU offers is unmistakably priceless.

For me, moving to college was a huge wall that I knew I was going to have to climb to reach my goals. Moving away from home and figuring out how to afford a private university education seemed like a monumental task. Looking back, it really wasn’t as difficult as it seemed at the onset. It ended up being easier than I expected. You really don’t know what to expect when you are going through the process of coming to school. There are so many applications, forms and details to worry about. Sometimes, you don’t know where to start, but on the other side you realize it wasn’t as tough as you thought.

For most people, financing their education is the biggest obstacle they have to overcome on their way to getting into college. You really can’t know how much a college education is worth until you’ve actually had the experience. But I really think that if you can catch a glimpse of how valuable the pursuit is, you will do whatever it takes to get there. If you have the desire and passion to become a student, you’ll find a way.

Unfortunately, for many people, housing is sometimes an area where they try to cut costs and save money. It makes sense, but I really think I would have missed out on so much if I had made that decision. For me, I couldn’t put a price on the friendships and relationship I’ve made. Almost all of those bonds were created because I lived with my best friends. The on-campus experience here is invaluable, especially because Residence Life facilitates that atmosphere of community.

One of my favorite verses is John 8:31, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I really believe in that verse. Getting these truths through the CBU education process has liberated my life. What adds to that truth, however, is the fact that I’ve surrounded myself with the residence community. My friends have provided the academic, social and spiritual network that has enhanced and deepened that process of discovering truth.

Ultimately, I really believe there are always going to be walls in our lives that we’ll have to figure out how to climb. I’m going through this process all over again because I am applying to law schools. It is a formidable challenge, but because of my experience here at CBU, I feel I’m well equipped for it and other challenges that will come my way in the future. I’ve learned that the tools you really need to overcome are knowledge, education, perseverance and community. CBU can help you with most of that. All you need is perseverance – the determination to not give up.