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Stuff I Wish I Knew Then

Stuff I Wish I Knew

Everyone always says that hindsight is 20/20. We can't tell what you'll think about your transition to college in hindsight, but we can tell you what other seniors had to say. Here is a list of basics that these seniors wish they would have known ahead of time. Most of them had to learn the hard way...maybe you'll be able to avoid doing the same.

Learn how to manage your money. As a college student, you probably won’t have much money, so those late night snacks, movie excursions and restaurant outings will start to make a dent in your wallet if not careful.

Practice good habits. Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you don’t have to do homework or go to practice. You still need to get things done, and what you learn about living and making decisions will help you after college.

Be ready to adjust. Simply be aware that things will be different than they were at home. Don't try to recreate your old group of friends or find a church exactly like your home church. Be ready to broaden your horizons, grow as a person and be stretched.

Anticipate changes on the homefront. Your parents might convert your room into an office, or they may turn it into a museum about you, keeping your soccer trophies and prom pictures on display. Either way, know that they will be transitioning, too, and they're probably hoping you haven't completely forgotten about them. Make sure you consider how you spend your weekends.

Avoid the "Procrastination Club" at all costs. Even though we're sure you'll suffer through a few all-nighters working on something due in a few hours, doing your best to work ahead of time will offer more time to sleep, higher grades and help in maintaining your sanity. Be sure to go in with a plan to be disciplined. It’s so easy to get caught up in hanging out, skipping class, seeing movies or visiting the beach. Plan ahead and stick to it.

Homework is just that - work. Be careful that you don't let friends distract you from completing assignments. It can be difficult to study if you’re the only one trying to work. Remember that you’re here to get an education first and foremost. Seniors know how distracting roommates can be and advise you to consider the library for quality study time.