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The CBU Experience

Visitors to California Baptist University often comment on the energy and enthusiasm they sense here. Some attribute their experience to the momentum CBU has gathered over the last decade as evidenced by massive student enrollment growth and expansion. Others point to the excitement created by CBU’s increasingly successful academic and athletic programs. Still others are impressed by the warmth and richness that permeate the University’s social culture.

But if you follow each of these distinctive characteristics to their source, you will identify the animating force that distinguishes CBU in the Southern California higher education marketplace. In fact, the vision that established the University over 50 years ago is the mission that is guiding it into the future.

CBU is a University committed to the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission – to reach the world with the Good News by creating an environment where the Christian leaders of tomorrow can be trained and equipped. To this end, CBU provides a comprehensive educational experience that emphasizes excellence in academics and athletics as well as social and spiritual life.

CBU’s commitment to excellence in the fulfillment of its noble mission has earned it a reputation as one of the leading universities in Southern California. School districts, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, churches and businesses seek out and hold CBU graduates in high regard for their unique combination of confidence, competence and compassion.

Today, the University offers undergraduate and graduate accredited degree programs to students drawn from across the nation and world. CBU’s Lancer athletic program is now recognized as one of the best in the nation with several teams rated in the top three in their respective fields of competition. With extension campuses in several high-growth locations, CBU has become the Inland Empire’s premier Christian university.

“I’m proud of the academic and civic reputation that we’ve built at California Baptist University. We take seriously the role of making our world a better place to live, which not only means being good neighbors but also expanding our vision for impacting the world.”

- Ron Ellis, Ph.D.
President of California Baptist University