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Campus Clubs Spring 2013

Accounting Society: GiveCBU students opportunities to network with other Accounting students as well professionals in the field.

Anthropology Club: To promote activities and further educate students about Anthropology and Behavioral Science professions.

Art Club: An encouraging environment in which students of all majors are welcome to pursue creative avenues. Focusing on maintaining discipleship in Christ and fellowship with others, the Art Club will also maintain a community of artists reaching out to a secular world. Philippians 1:27

ASCE: Connect civil engineering students of all classes together, while growing in the field of engineering through engineering related activities. 

ASME: To educate and inspire students to progress and excel through engineering, mechanics and technology. 

Athletic Training Students’ Organization: To promote and build the profession of Athletic Training on our campus and in our community.

Biology Club: To provide biology students with available options to connect with others in their major and to further research within the Biology field.

Chemistry Club: To provide Chemistry students at CBU with opportunities to connect with those who share similar interests and to gain knowledge within the chemistry field.

Club of Chess Legends: To gather people together who want to play chess. To offer them a place to play chess and hang out with people of similar interests. To make the game available for all students.

Criminal Justice Club: To bring students together from all education levels and backgrounds, in order to establish fellowship, learning and networking.  

Early Childhood Studies: To provide service, leadership, and advocacy for young children.  The Club is dedicated to the four University student outcomes in that the major has academically prepared us to be Biblically rooted advocates for children through local and global service; living out our purpose. 

Environmental Science Club: To promote a spirit of unity among students at CBU. To boost awareness about the environment that God has created for us to enjoy.

Ethnic Awareness Club: To encourage the expression of students’ culture in relation to the individual, society, and the spiritual walk, by leading club members and the CBU student body to be culturally sensitive and aware.

FAITH Club: To enhance student involvement in the Riverside community as well as other cities through various service projects throughout the year.

Fashion Club: To enhance student involvement in the Riverside Community as well as other cities through various service projects throughout the year.

Faulty Parallelisms: To create community within the University Students and promote fellowship and excellence in writing while perfecting public speaking.

Film Production Club: To create an environment in which filmmakers can work together on projects and to build connections while networking with each other and incorporating various other talents.

Global Brigades: To empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under resourced communities while fostering local cultures.

Health Science Society: To submerge students in a variety of Health Professions, specifically students who are uncertain in what kind of health field to pursue. We also strive to build a community between Health Science and Biology majors.

Heritage Club: To educate on heritage as we challenge students academically and spiritually.

IEEE Student Branch: To implement the dissemination of electrical and electronics theory and practice.

International Justice Mission: To raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and God’s passion for justice.

Investment Club: To giving students an opportunity to enhance their education and career endeavors by providing experience in money management, financial stability and capitalizing on the world market.

Marketing Club: To increase awareness of marketing as a professional career and expose students to marketing professionals and marketing organizations. To increase awareness of the various employment opportunities in the marketing field and increase student preparedness for transitioning into a professional career by networking, resume building and practice interviews. The club will place an emphasis on ethical marketing.

Math Club: To inspire and promote the pursuit of knowledge, learning, and wisdom in an academic setting and abroad while building community and leadership. To provide members with resources, informative talks, and community while challenging them intellectually.  

NAHB Student Chapter: To promote the construction management program at CBU to students, establish networking opportunities with industry, and to promote scholarship opportunities for construction management students.

Preconception Peer Educators: To educate nursing students about bias’.

Pre-Dental Club: To provide guidance to students interested in dentistry, or other related fields, as their future career.

Pre-Law Society: To help guide and inform students who are in the pursuit of attending law school.

Pre-Medicine Club: To motivate, gather together, and orient pre-medical students at CBU.

Pre-PA Club: To educate and provide a successful environment for Pre-Physician Assistant students, and to encourage those students by providing the tools to succeed while preparing for exams.

Pre-Pharmacy Club: To involve students with interest in pharmacy by providing field trips, guest speakers, and information related to pharmacy school admission.

Pre-Vet Club: To provide CBU students with opportunities and experiences to learn about veterinary medicine.

Psychology Club: Is dedicated to observing the Psychology field through a Christ-like lens, constantly learning where the field can be used as a tool to do ministry in all fields of the discipline for the community.

REACH: To academically engage nursing faculty and/or students with local, national and international communities with nursing scholarships while sharing the knowledge of Christ to further God’s purposes in this world for His glory.

Rock Climbing: To generate and promote awareness of rock climbing at CBU by providing a fun, organized experience for climbers both veteran and new.

ROTC: To promote the ROTC program at CBU.

Rugby Club: To create a club that cultures healthy completion, strengthens our bodies, tests our patience, and allows the opportunity to be a part of a community that seeks to glorify God through all of its activity.

Rwandans 4 Water: To end the water crisis seen in Rwanda by finding out the suitable and sustainable technology to access clean water and collaborating with individuals and organizations interested in serving the people in need of clean water.

SAAC: To represent the athletes of CBU.

Social Entrepreneurship: To educate, promote, and establish innovative ideas that involve faith combined with business.

Sociology: To stimulate activity and a feeling of fellowship among sociology students and to explore the issues in and the application of the field of sociology.

S.O.N.A.:  The Students of Nursing Association strives to promote the leadership skills of the nursing students and encourage a healthy lifestyle within the CBU and outer community.

Veteran Club: To provide academic, social, and moral support to the CBU active duty and veteran students.

Women Engineers: To connect females in engineering at the college level to women professionals in the field and also to inspire girls to be interested in the technology filled degree and career.