Career Center


Career Development Plan

The journey of career exploration and selection can be daunting. Our framework is designed to assist your son/daughter to keep this formidable task in a balanced and achievable perspective. We ask you to partner with us to encourage your son/daughter to fulfill the following objectives. It is my belief that regardless of how impressive one might begin a task, it will be in vain unless one finishes well. Only then can one be fully "skilled to serve."

Who am I? What are my inherent talent and skills?

  • Complete Strengths Quest assessment offered in FOCUS class
  • Meet and discuss results of assessment with Career Services staff
  • Explore careers of interest via articles, career services library and online resources
  • Identify courses taken that perk student's interest
  • Take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory through Campus Ministries
  • Become involved with school activities, e.g., intramural sports, discipleship/small groups and fine arts

Which specific career(s) interest me?

  • Declare an academic major
  • Complete a "Work Statement" with a career counselor
  • Investigate various careers related to chosen major
  • Conduct "Information Interviews" with faculty, staff and/or professionals within chosen profession
  • Obtain a part-time job or volunteer position that relates to chosen major/profession
  • Participate in a campus ministry outreach such as an International Service Project or feeding the homeless within the community
  • If called to full-time ministry, meet with Campus Minister as well as your home-church for confirmation and guidance
  • Engage in discussion with peers, faculty and staff regarding integration of faith and careers

JUNIOR "BUILDING THE WALLS" - How can I be sure?

  • Create a résumé and cover letter and critiqued by a career counselor
  • Obtain an internship assisted by career services or faculty advisor
  • Consider a semester-long, study abroad program to gain a broader global perspective
  • Collect information about graduate schools/financial aid and register to take necessary professional school exams
  • Attend career fairs to gain a greater sense of career resources and competition
  • Research organizations that may be potential employers

SENIOR "FINISHING THE TASK" - Where will I serve?

  • Update and refine résumé and cover letter
  • Continue to obtain experience through an internship or volunteer experience within chosen major
  • Attend a Business Etiquette Dinner sponsored by California Baptist University
  • Practice interviewing skills and participate in mock interviews
  • Request letters of reference from faculty and staff
  • Attend career fairs
  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews (researching companies' websites, salary ranges, etc.)
  • Attend a Dress for Success workshop sponsored by California Baptist University
  • Meet application deadlines for graduate and professional schools
  • Communicate to EVERYONE career objectives for networking development and contacts for job interviews
  • Continue Informational Interviews with professionals within chosen professional field