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The ASCBU Senate is comprised of representatives for each of the following student populations: Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class, Residential Students and Commuter Students. A minimum of two senators shall represent each student population. In the event any student population shall exceed one-thousand members, one senator shall be added for each additional five-hundred members, with a maximum representation of four senators for each student population. In addition to serving as representative for their respective constituency, senators meet as a body on a weekly basis.

ASCBU Senate 2016-17

Senior Class Representatives: Deja Jackson Paighton Priest    
Junior Class Representatives: Hyunji Choi  Paige Vaughan    
Sophomore Class Representatives: Daylen Kung Madison Rojer Emily Vierra  
Freshmen Class Representatives: TBA TBA TBA TBA
Commuter Representatives: Clara Garcia Jefferson Fernandez Luis Moreno Sara Rockvam
Residential Representatives: Alyssa Ares Amanda Blaise Anna Crosby Lindsey Murray