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Men's Volleyball Elite Camp

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 - All Day

Campers will experience some of the highest caliber training offered at the collegiate level, and will learn technical skill development in the most efficient way possible. We will cover all the skills necessary to be a successful and well rounded player, no matter how big you are. Today’s bigger athletes aren’t always the better players because the game is so technically involved. We aim to train athletes both bio-mechanically as well as scientifically to pursue excellence on the court.

What The Week Offers

  • Filmed skill sessions with play by play video analysis
  • Extensive ‘One-on-One’ coach player feedback
  • Exposure to higher level volleyball training and ideas
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Demonstrations and coaching by some of the top Volleyball Athletes in the Nation
  • Team building and leadership training on and off the court
  • Meals provided through our highly acclaimed Dining Commons
  • FUN playing the sport we all love
  • Lancer Volleyball t-shirt
  • CBU water bottle

What To Bring

  • Practice clothing for 3 days
  • Knee Pads
  • Blanket, pillow and bedding (Bedding will not be provided)
  • Toiletries

Camp Schedule

Monday July 7
Check in Registration 7:30-9am
Session 1 9-11:30am
Lunch 11:30-1pm
Session 2 1-3pm
Session 3 3-5pm
Dinner 4-5:30pm
Session 4: Competitive Play 5:30-8pm
Free play 8-9:30pm

Tuesday July 8
Breakfast 7-9am
Setter’s Session 8-9am
Session 5 9-12pm
Lunch 12-1:30pm
Session 6 1:30-4pm
Dinner 4-5:30pm
Session 7: Competitive Play 5:30-8pm
Free play 8-9:30pm

Wednesday July 9
Breakfast 7-9am
Setter’s Session 8-9am
Session 8 9-12pm
Lunch 12-1:30pm
Tournament Play 1:30-4pm
Coaches Match 4-5pm
Lancer Elite Boys’ Volleyball Camp Ends


Price - $495 (residents) $450 (commuters)
Commuter Rate is available to those who will not be staying on campus, or taking part in the three meals provided daily.

For Resident registration, fill out the electronic form here.

For Commuter registration, fill out the electronic form here.

Contact Allan Vince for more details.
Email - avince@calbaptist.edu
Phone - 951-343-5066