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Imagining the Good Life: Apologetics and Human Flourishing


Friday, April 5th

  • Registration, 1:00 pm—4 :00 pm (Grand Foyer, Business Building)
  • Concurrent Session 1, 2:00 pm—3:15 pm
    • BUSB 251
      • Scott B. Key, "The Moral Aesthetic of Perelandra"
      • Berniece Bruinius, "Steven's Hope for a Future: Imagining the Good Life in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day"
    • BUSB 253
      • B. Jesse Bettinger, "In Defense of Religion from a Scientific Metaphysics and Mind-Body Ontology"
      • Roger N. Overton, "Virtues and the Case for Christ: Virtue Apologetics as the Connection Between Character Development and Evangelism"
  • Concurrent Session 2, 3:30 pm—4:45 pm
    • BUSB 251
      • A. Jeff Mooney, "Jazz and Human Flourishing: Richard Weaver's Ideas Do Have Consequences"
      • Dr. David A. Horner and Danny Simpson, "Music and the Moral Life: The Aesthetics of Eudaimonia"
    • BUSB 253
      • B. Jen Prickett, "Quakers and Human Flourishing"
      • Jody McElrath, "Christian Apologetics in Community: the Schaeffers and L'Abri"
  • Dinner break, 5:00 pm—7:00 pm
  • Key Note Speaker, 7:00 pm—8:30 pm
    • BUSB 132 
      • James K.A. Smith, "Erotic Comprehension: The Bodily Basis of Meaning"

Saturday, April 6th

  • Registration & Check in , 8:00 am—9:00 am (Grand Foyer, Business Building)
  • Concurrent Session 3, 9:00 am—10:15 am
    • BUSB 250
      • A. Terry Mathis, "A Christian Account of Flourishing"
      • Andrew Gustafson, "Christian Living in a Liquid Modernity: Faith Affections and Habits in the Face of Uncertainty"
    • BUSB 251
      • Jim Taylor, "Apologetics, Argumentation, and Imagination: A Strategy for the Whole Person"
      • Edward Matusek, "The Good Life and the Coherence Criterion: A Corrective to James Peters’ 'Human Flourishing” Apologetic'"
    • BUSB 253
      • C. Adam Groza, "Berkelean Idealism and the Good Life"
      • Joshua Harris, "Christian Philosophical Theology and the Ontological Difference: Heidegger as Hero and Villain"
  • Key Note Speaker, 10:30 am—11:30 am
    • BUSB 132
      • James K.A. Smith, "Sanctified Perception: How Worship Works"
  • LUNCH, 11:45 am—1:00 pm. Alumni Dinning Commons, included with registration.
  • Concurrent Session 4, 1:15 pm—2:30 pm
    • BUSB 250
      • Robert Boyd, "General Revelation and the Theology of Religions"
      • Jerry Buckner, "Orthodoxy and Human Flourishing"
    • BUSB 251
      • Jack Hafer, "Beauty as Truth: the Gospel in Film"
      • David Isaacs, Erika Travis, Jennifer Tronti (Panel), "Profitable Inventions: Dystopian Visions, the Zombie Apocalypse, and the Good Life"
    • BUSB 253
      • Undergraduate Paper Session: Michael Sutherlin, "The Word and words"
      • Undergraduate Paper Session: Aubrey Jakob, "A Fusion of Horizons and Human Flourishing" 
  • Concurrent Session 5, 2:45 pm—4:00 pm
    • BUSB 251
      • Keith Hess, "How Significant is Religious Disagreement?"
      • Melisa Williamson, "Neither Tree Nor Tumbleweed: Reimagining Christian Orthodoxy"
    • BUSB 253
      • Matthew Emerson, "Human Flourishing Through Re-Imagining Communion in Revelation 19: Confronting Evil by Incorporating Christ's Vistory"
      • Kevin Wong, "Hardened Hearts and Free Pharaohs"