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Sergio Rodriguez
Business Administration Major
CBU Lancer Men's Cross Country

Sergio Rodriguez will tell you that one of the most important things he has learned in the past year is faith. He began his first season with the California Baptist University Cross Country Team in 2009, and never imagined how much CBU would change his life. Sergio acknowledges his coach for giving him the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. "My coach saw my potential and had faith in me. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself," says Sergio.

With few opportunities to pursue a higher education degree, Sergio became the first in his family to attend college. He says that his parents and four older sisters are so proud of his achievements; achievements that he believes would not have been possible without a scholarship from CBU.

"I never knew how much CBU could impact my life until I became a student here. My time as a student-athlete has been a life changing experience. Through relationships with great teammates, professors and coaches, I developed a closer relationship with God."

With the support of the CBU Scholarship Fund, Sergio is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Graphic Design. Particularly interested in business, he would like to become an entrepreneur and start his own graphic design company.

Faith is not the only lesson Sergio has taken to heart in the last year. Gratitude resonates in his encouragement to help future scholarship recipients. "As a student who has been blessed to receive a scholarship, I realized how extremely important it is to give back to the University that has supported me," says Sergio. "It is important to understand that you have been given so many new opportunities in life because others have invested in your future." Sergio plans to give back to CBU, especially the Athletics Department, which has inspired him in so many ways. "I want to reach out to others and help them, just as others have helped me."

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