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CBUAA Board Roles and Responsibilities

The California Baptist University Alumni Association (CBUAA) Board operates to advise the university on alumni related matters and provides strategic direction, resources and professional expertise to help carry out the university’s alumni relations objectives.

The CBUAA Board seeks members who are bright, creative, diverse, dedicated and enthusiastic alumni with a true desire to support their alma mater by positively engaging other alumni in the life of CBU. Board membership is a distinct honor and can be very rewarding. Members play an active role in guiding the efforts and initiatives of the Office of Alumni; Parent Relations and serve as regional, national and international CBU ambassadors.

Responsibilities of a CBUAA Board Member include:

  • Attend and actively participate in all CBUAA meetings (4/year)
  • Actively participate as a member of a CBUAA committee or task force
  • Be a knowledgeable ambassador for CBU and the Alumni Association
  • Attend Homecoming & Family Weekend and other major university events when possible • Attend regional Alumni Association and university events in your community/region
  • Reach out and engage fellow alumni in CBU programs and events
  • Support the CBU Alumni Association with a current membership

Please review the Alumni Board Activity Grid (attached), which lists a variety of ways CBUAA Board members are expected to be involved. We utilize this document to help board members track their participation in the life of the university beyond CBUAA Board meetings and committees. It helps to focus the board’s energy and serves as a way to demonstrate the outreach of our board. Board members are encouraged to achieve 15+ points on the Activity Grid each year, and to add activities that meet their particular interest in the university.

Board Activity Grid

The purpose of this board activity grid is to indicate the activities of the CBU Alumni Association (CBUAA) Board as they help promote and advance the mission of CBU and the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations. Heightened alumni visibility at events and promotion of CBU spirit will provide familiarity and encouragement for those alumni not necessarily involved. Communication via word of mouth and the good reputation of alumni programs, services, and events will increase overall alumni participation. Promotion of the CBU brand and spirit will help remind other alumni of why they love CBU and plant the CBU name in the minds of those who don’t know us.

It is essential that we diligently enhance awareness on the part of all alumni, as this is a key component of our work on the Alumni Association Board and as ambassadors for CBU. Our responsibilities have been divided into three categories: service, support and social. Below are some suggested activities, but please feel free to report any additional activities in the blank lines provided.


  • Volunteer for one hour during Homecoming & Family Weekend.
  • Visit regional or international chapters/volunteers (if your travel permits).
  • Encourage one high school student to attend CBU. Provide assistance in obtaining admission information, when appropriate.
  • Be an advocate. Let other alumni know about all that’s going on at CBU. 


  • Encourage an alum to make his/her first contribution to CBU.
  • Nominate an alum for an alumni award/CBUAA Board membership/CBUAA committee participation.
  • Contribute at a level that places CBU in your top three philanthropic organizations.
  • Take advantage of one alumni affinity program (Liberty Mutual Insurance, local hotel discounts, discounts, etc.).


  • Submit an item for inclusion in the AlumNews section of the Roundtable magazine.
  • Attend Homecoming & Family Weekend.
  • Attend one on-campus non-athletic event (e.g. School of Music performances/ rehearsals, Theatre performance, art event, etc.).
  • Attend a CBU Alumni Network (regional chapter) event.
  • Attend at least one CBU Athletic event, either home or away.
  • Put a CBU Alumni license plate frame on your car. 
  • Wear your CBU Alumni lapel pin to an important business meeting.
  • Outfit your travel with CBU luggage tags
  • Wear CBU apparel when appropriate.
  • Sign up for CBU’s Online Alumni Directory and join us on Facebook.
  • Read the Roundtable magazine.
  • Read the CBU Alumni E-mail Newsletter and forward it to former classmates who might not be receiving it.