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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities
Nursing Professionals in Demand

The Master of Science in Nursing program at California Baptist University (CBU) was developed in response to a growing and urgent demand for advanced practicing nurses and managers, as well as nursing instructors. Widely recognized and respected throughout the Inland Empire, CBU’s School of Nursing has fostered strong relationships with a range of healthcare organizations that actively seek CBU nursing graduates. Equipped with the MS in Nursing degree from CBU’s School of Nursing, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a range of exciting and rewarding careers in the service of humanity.
Registered Nurse

CBU’s EL MSN program prepares students for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) within the state of California. Due to a severe nursing shortage, RNs are in great demand at hospitals and healthcare organizations across the region and beyond.
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

Graduates from CBU’s MSN are recognized as Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), as well as licensed RNs, with advanced training and knowledge. CNS practice in a wide variety of health care settings, and are expert clinicians in specialized areas of nursing practice, such as:

    Population (pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health)
    Setting (critical care, emergency room)
    Disease or Medical Subspecialty (diabetes, oncology)
    Type of Care (psychiatric, rehabilitation)
    Type of Problem (pain, wounds, stress)

In addition to providing direct patient care, Clinical Nurse Specialists influence care outcomes by providing expert consultation for nursing staffs and by implementing improvements in health care delivery systems.
Administrative and Management Positions

Graduates of the program’s Administering Nursing Services concentration are equipped with the leadership skills and knowledge to become managers and administers responsible for the delivery of quality care in a wide range of healthcare organizations.
Community College Faculty

California currently suffers from a severe shortage not only of RNs but of qualified faculty to teach, train and support nursing students. CBU’s MSN certifies graduates to teach at the community college level, in the areas of adult health.
Doctoral Study

For candidates interested in furthering their studies in pursuit of a Ph.D., CBU’s MSN provides the academic rigor and broad theoretical knowledge base that prepares students for doctoral study.


To learn more about the many rewarding professional opportunities that come with the  MSN, please attend an upcoming Graduate Program Information Session.