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Developing Compassionate Counselors

The Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Degree at California Baptist University is designed for those who wish to gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to counsel in a variety of settings. Catering to a diverse range of professional and personal goals, the MS in Counseling Psychology Degree offers a curriculum that academically prepares students for Marriage and Family Therapy licensure as well as a concentration for the Professional Clinical Counselor (dual licensure option) and a certificated concentration in Forensic Psychology. Additionally, the MS can be paired with the Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry.

MS in Counseling Psychology: Prepare For MFT Licensure

The CBU MS in Counseling Psychology Degree meets the educational requirements for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) as set forth by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). Beyond preparing candidates for licensure, the MS in Counseling Psychology Degree develops compassionate, ethical counselors dedicated to bettering the lives of others by examining, exploring and improving interpersonal relationships (family, marriage, etc.). Licensed MFTs may counsel in a variety of private and public settings.

Course Requirements and Descriptions

MFT Course Rotations

Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC): Dual Licensure Option

Students beginning graduate study after August 1, 2012, and who have completed the 62-unit MFT core and the additional 18 units required for PCC, will have satisfied the academic requirements for licensure as both an LMFT and LPCC in the State of California. Licensed PCCs focus on improving mental health and may counsel in a variety of settings, including hospitals and mental health sites.

Course Requirements and Descriptions

PCC Conc. Course Rotations

Forensic Psychology Certificated Concentration Option: Expand Your Specialized Expertise

CBU offers the option of pairing the MS in Counseling Psychology Degree with an abbreviated, complementary version of the Forensic Psychology program as a certificated concentration. This concentration establishes an excellent balance between traditional counseling, theory and skills and a specialized understanding of the legal and judicial system. Students will be prepared to function as effective clinicians in a variety of professional counseling and forensic settings by completing 18 additional units.

Forensic Psy. Certificated Concentration

Students with questions concerning this concentration may contact the Director of the Forensic Psychology program, Dr. Anne-Marie Larsen (alarsen@calbaptist.edu). For more information on the MA in Forensic Psychology program, click here: Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

Dual Masters Option:  Extending Your Training to the Church

CBU offers a special dual masters program for those who wish to obtain both the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and the Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry. This dual degree option prepares graduates for licensure as Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) working in a clinical as well as congregational setting. Students pursing this option may be concurrently enrolled in Counseling Psychology and Counseling Ministry courses.

The following links provide a detail of the Counseling Ministry courses needed in addition to the courses in the 62-unit Master of Science in Counseling Psychology curriculum.

Course Requirements and Descriptions

Suggested Course Rotations

Printable Fact Sheet for the Dual Program

For more information on the MA in Counseling Ministry program, click here: About the Program