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Software Engineering Minor

Why a Minor in Software Engineering?

Have a major impact on the world by minoring in Software Engineering. A minor in Software Engineering can dramatically expand your career opportunities.  A recent CareerCast.com article ranked Software Engineering as the number one best job based on factors like starting income level, job outlook and stress levels.

With a minor in Software Engineering you can combine your subject matter expertise from your major with the skills and knowledge of software development and have a dynamic combination, opening more doors and making you more competitive in the job market.

Job Opportunities for Software Engineers

  • Mobile application developer (iOS/iPad/iPhone and Android)
  • Web application developer
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Consultant
  • Systems Analyst

Software Engineering Minor Requirements (20 units)

EGR221 Data Structures

EGR221 Data Structures

Develops discipline in program design, style, debugging, testing. Examines linked data structures, trees, introduction to graphs, and recursion. Prerequisite: CIS268 or EGR 121. (3 units; Fall)

  Course Sec Instructor Dates Days Time Location
Spring 2016 EGR221-A A Xu, Xuping 01/06/2016 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Engr Building 3739 Adams
Spring 2016 EGR221-B B Xu, Xuping 01/06/2016 Array Array - Array TBA

EGR222 Software Engineering

EGR222 Software Engineering

Overview of the software development process. Includes requirements, design, construction, and testing of software. Software project planning. Analysis, architecture, and design of software systems using UML. Evaluating designs. Implementing designs using appropriate data structures, frameworks, and APIs. Prerequisite: EGR 121 or CIS 268. (3 units; Fall)

  Course Sec Instructor Dates Days Time Location
Fall 2015 EGR222-A A Kolta, Micheal 09/08/2015 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Engr Building 3739 Adams

EGR491 Research Project

EGR491 Research Project

This special registration permits the completion of upper division degree requirements for transfer or other students, program requirement changes, or other special circumstances in which students have partial but not full credit toward a specific degree requirement. It also provides the opportunity for recognition of supervised academic experiences that are not included in traditional curriculum. Registration requires approval by the dean and sponsoring faculty member. The determination of degree credits is at the time of registration. Prerequisite: EGR 101 and Permission of the Dean. (1-3 units; Fall)

  • EGR 325  Database Systems
  • EGR 327  Software Construction

Choice of one of the following:

  • EGR 423  Mobile Application Development
  • EGR 424  Web Application Development
  • EGR 425 Real-Time and Embedded Development
  • Plus one three-unit upper division software engineering course.

NOTE: EGR 121, CIS 268 or instructor approval required for enrollment in EGR 221.

NOTE: Two units for EGR 491 required for Electrical and Computer Engineering majors.