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Welcome to the Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences is committed to preparing students for careers in mathematics and science and science related fields and our new facilities and instruments allow us to do that even better than before. Our students are successfully transitioning into professional or graduate school, into the classroom as teachers, or directly into the workforce in a variety of careers. Our diverse, highly qualified and caring faculty is also interested in helping to develop the whole person so that our students will leave here as Christian scholars who can make a positive impact in our world.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in a mathematics or science-related field, then I hope you will seriously consider our programs because we would love to help you as you strive to reach your goals.

- Lisa Hernandez, Ph.D., Chair

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New Majors

The Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences has recently launched four new undergraduate majors:

  • COMING FALL 2015 Actuarial Science (BS): For students who wish to pursue a career as an actuary or in other areas of industry dealing with risk management.
  • Applied Statistical Analysis (BS): A mathematical statistics focus aimed at preparing individuals to pursue careers as academicians, data miners and data scientists.
  • Applied Statistics (BA): An Interdisciplinary major providing math, statistics, and discipline-oriented skills aimed at professional practitioners as entry-level data analysts, and data mining applications.
  • Environmental Science: For students interested in research and management of Earth's nature resources, and for promotion of environmental protection of these resources
  • Global Community Science: For students who wish to receive a comprehensive education bridging the disciplines of sustainability science and global community development

New Minor

The Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences now offers a minor in physics. This is a great option for engineering, science, or math majors who want to become a sharper, more analytical thinkers, and/or to be more competitive and prepared for graduate school.