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Welcome to the Department of History and Government

Thank you for your interest in the Department of History and Government at CBU, which is one of the top Christian universities in Southern California. I am pleased that you are interested in taking one or more of our courses or earning a degree in Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, and/or International Studies. All of our professors are strong Christians, gifted teachers, and caring mentors, who are committed to your academic and spiritual growth. They do not leave their Christianity at the door when they teach classes, but integrate their faith into their lectures, classroom discussions, and assignments.

Together, we will help you prepare for a successful career in the public or private sector. For example, students in all our courses develop excellent communication and critical thinking skills, which are qualities highly valued by employers. We also encourage our students to complete an internship, which will help them gain the type of work experience that potential employers find desirable.

- Chris McHorney, Ph.D., Chair

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