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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

The Kinesiology major prepares students for graduate studies and careers in fitness-related industries, teaching, coaching, and health science related fields such as physical therapy, public health, and chiropractic care.

Program Design and Career Opportunities

Kinesiology is an academic area focused on the study of human motion and body mechanics that prepares students for career opportunities in a variety of physical activity, rehabilitation, sport, and wellness settings. CBU's Kinesiology major will provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies to work in professional fields such as athletic training, exercise science, fitness, teaching, coaching, and allied health. Students receive a broad understanding of the principles of kinesiology as well as a marketable set of skills designed to enhance the health, wellness, and physical performance of the individuals they serve. This major prepares students for relevant professional certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and other scholarly organizations, as well as for further graduate study in related fields.


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, graduates earning a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology will demonstrate:

  1. Ability to describe and apply the scientific foundations of human development, physical activity, performance, and health.
  2. Ability able to identify the proper avenues for professional development, personal development, and career advancement
  3. Ability to describe and demonstrate appropriate methods of instruction and application of kinesiology-related skills
  4. Ability to integrate faith, values, and ethics in the practical application of Kinesiology
  5. Critical thinking and appropriate oral and written communication skills that meet professional and scientific standards to communicate physical activity, exercise, and health-related information to demographically varied populations.

Course Requirements

Please reference the specific 2014-2015 Degree Guide for the Bachelor of Science, currently provided per concentration:

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Physical Education

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Sport Management

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Sports Medicine

For course descriptions and course requirements from previous academic years, please reference the University Catalog, and select the catalog for the enrolled academic year.